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About Elite Movers

Hi! I am Wyatt Schauf, owner of Elite Movers based out of Eau Claire, WI. 


As of November 2022 we have serviced more than 1100 Full Service Moves!  


How We Got Started


I was fed up working for another local moving company that lacked experience in moving, customer service, and also treated their employees poorly. As in most cases, businesses should be operated by those who have experience in the service they provide. This unfortunately is not the case for all businesses.


Prior to starting Elite Movers, I worked as a mover for 4 years while attending university. I worked for 3 different moving companies in 3 different cities as I moved for college. 


 I began Elite Movers in August of 2020 to give great movers better pay, better equipment, and customers a better moving experiance. As my company name implies, I will ALWAYS prioritize having the Highest Quality Movers by providing them Premium Pay while still having Competitive Rates. We do this by cutting costs in other places like advertising, upper management, and unneeded office space. This in-turn allows for the best experience for you the customer. 


We focus on the Quality of moves, not the Quantity. You the customer matter the most to us.

What Separates Us from our Competitors?

The People we Hire and Invest in.

We've worked for a variety of other moving companies and have dealt with chaotic management, as well as the unfit movers they hire. These issues result in the customer paying the same rate despite having untrained movers, unprofessional management, and many headaches. We started our own company so YOU can be assured that only the Best of the Best show up to your move. All of our movers are put through rigorous training to ensure they are both fit personally and physically to handle your belongings.

Flat Hourly Rate

Some moving companies are worse than airlines when it comes to hidden or extra fees.  But again, we're not like other moving companies. We keep it SIMPLE by charging a single, low hourly rate. What does that include? EVERYTHING. There are no hidden or extra fees, ever.

Quality of Moves.

Here at Elite Movers we are focused on making quality moves over the quantity of moves. We focus only on hiring the best movers who can provide you with the best possible care. We utilize the best moving equipment we can get our hands on and our professional team will provide a comfortable and smooth transition to your new home. We are insured and have full coverage business wide for the unpredicability of any unfortunate situation.  

Our Patience and Understanding

Finally, we understand moving can require flexibility and last minute changes. At Elite Movers you are welcome to cancel or reschedule your move at anytime free of charge. We encourage customers to reach out as much as needed to ensure accommodations. Our movers will ALWAYS call you before leaving to verify your readiness and give an ETA.

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