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Our cleaning service complements our moving service with its easy coordination and great expertise. You can leave your old place behind effortlessly while still making it move in ready

Cleaning Services Eau Claire WI

​  Basic

  • Organization 

  • Vacuuming/Sweeping

  • Dusting/Surface Cleaning

  Deep Cleaning

  • Carpet

  • Kitchen/Bath

  • Surfaces

  • Windows

  • Appliances 

   Speciality ​

  • Vehicle

  • Other

Just like our moves, our cleaning service is offered as a flat rate across the board!

Call, Text, or Email for pricing and availability!

Some of our work!

Elite Cleaners Carpet Before_After.jpg
Kitchen Before and After
Elite Cleaners Apartment Collage.jpg
2. Elite Cleaners (Window Before & After).png
2. Elite Cleaners Oven Before_After.png
2. Elite Cleaners (James Cabnets).png
2. Elite Cleaners Bath Tub Before_After 11-26-22.png
Elite Cleaners Fridge Before_After 1.jpg
Elite Cleaners Window Before_After.jpg
Elite Cleaners Cupboard Before_After.jpg
2. Elite Cleaners Microwave Before_After.jpeg
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